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Machine tools are dangerous and may cause great injury.  This information was collected from a variety of sources, is neither complete nor verified, and is of a general nature for theoretical study only.  Any attempt to duplicate the operations described should be done with the guidance and supervision of a qualified instructor who will teach the appropriate safety skills and fill in the missing details.  Follow this link for Statements of Warning, Limitation & Responsibility.

HAAS TL-1 (2003):
Start-Up & Manual Mode
Basic Programming Procedures & Facing
OD Turning & ID Boring

These notes detail software found on the (2003-2005?) TL-1.  Software on the El Camino TL-1 was recently updated to a more recent version (about 2007).  There remain some similarities.... In the older software part-datum is set from the operation page, making it easier to program on-the-fly.  In the newer software, part-datum (X & Z zero) are set from a setup page, making the newer TL-1 more compatible with other HAAS CNC Lathes so that G-Code can be saved and transferred.

HAAS TL-1 CNC/Manual Toolroom Lathe The HAAS TL-1: Manual Operation, "On-The-Fly" Conversational Programming, or Full CNC G-Code Remote Programming.

Remember These ControlsUse the Curser Arrows to navigate between selections.
WRITE/ENTER: Use for Write/Enter is your "Select/Enter" Key.  Cancel is your "Escape or Back" Key.selecting modes.

CANCEL: The Escape or Back Button.

CURSER Arrows: Move between modes, set tool positions, and select cuts.

Start-Up & Manual Mode

1. Flip "ON" the electric box located on the wall behind the lathe.

2. Flip "ON" the main lathe power switch located on the Back-Left corner of the lathe. 

3. Push the Green "POWER-ON" button located on the Control Panel.

4. Hit the Orange "RESET" button to get rid of the alarm.

Push the tailstock to the Right end of the lathe-bed.5. Push the Tailstock all the way to the Right.

6. Hit "Power Up Restart".  The Carriage moves to "Zero" next to  Tailstock.
This is where the Carriage and Tailstock should end up when the X & Z are "zeroed" out.7. When the Carriage has stopped moving the Carriage will be at the back of the bed, next to the Tailstock. 
"Restart" and "Power Up Restart" on top left.  Use "Cursor" arrows to move between tabs.
"Cancel" and "Write/Enter" on Bottom Right.
When you have jogged over to the "Manual" tab, use "Write/Enter" to enter manual mode.8.  Hit the "CANCEL" button.  A "MESSAGES" Screen will come up.

*9. Hit the "CANCEL" button a second time.  This should bring you to the "SYSTEM" page.

10. Use the Left "Curser" arrow and tab to    "MANUAL MODE".
From the "System" page you can jog along the top tabs to pick different operations.
11. Select "MANUAL MODE" by pressing the "WRITE/ENTER" button.

12. "CANCEL" will back you out of a mode.... For now press "Write/Enter" to stay in "MANUAL MODE".
Hold "Shift" and "X" or "Z" to change hand-wheels to manual mode.13. Holding down the "Shift" and "X" or "Z" button will allow you to jog the carriage wheels by hand.

14. Once the hand-wheels move freely, setup your tools for whatever operation you want to perform... just as you would on a fully manual lathe.
Read the screens.. they will tell you what to do. The "Dead Stop" button is usually only found on Educational CNC/Toolroom Lathes. 15. Using the Numbered Keypad type your RPM into the Lower Left corner of the screen.  Read the instructions on the screen.

16.  Make sure your setup looks good. 
Stand away from the hand-wheels. The knobs move around pretty quick and could nail "something".
17. The "Dead-Stop" button must be held down during every operation on the HAAS TL-1.  The "Dead-Man" safety button hangs on the side of the Control Panel.It hangs on the side of the Control Panel.

18. Holding down the "Dead-Man" button, push "FWD" to start spindle.  Stop the spindle by pushing "Stop" or releasing "Dead-Man" button.

19. In this case a drill is being used with the Tailstock.  All operations with the Tailstock must be performed in "MANUAL MODE".
All operations with the tailstock must be done in manual mode.20. You can exit the "MANUAL MODE" by pushing "CANCEL"... then tab to whatever mode you want.

21. To shut-down the lathe: Push the Red "POWER OFF" button.  Then turn off the "ON/OFF" switches on the back of the lathe and on the wall.

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